SwagBucks Earnings Guide

Check out this guide on how to earn money with SwagBucks with minimal effort.

There are loads of ways to earn SwagBucks and therefore cash with the SwagBucks site. These include shopping, searching, watching videos, playing games and surveys. This guide is all about how easy it is to earn enough points to get a £5 Amazon gift card which is currently 849 SB. There are plenty of other options but this is our favourite and as you will see, very easy to earn.

We will not go into shopping as we feel there are plenty of excellent CashBack sites around that allow you to earn more cash than SwagBucks. As a quick example, if you get 1 SB per £1 spent, using the Amazon gift card as an example will mean that you will earn 0.6 pence on each £1 spent. Most retailers offer more than 1 SB per pound but generally this will be about half as much as you would get through Quidco and TopCashback. Don't forget that it may be possible to get exclusive cashback at Swagbucks if it is not offered through another site. In other words if you cannot get cashback from the other big sites then Swagbucks is worth checking.

Firstly we will look at searching with the SwagBucks search engine. This works in just the same way as other searches like Google or Yahoo, only you get the chance to win a random amount of SwagBucks every now and then. We so far have won prizes from 3 SB to 25 SB and we believe you can win more. Watch out for the box to enter a code which sometimes appears before you can collect the points, we have missed out on quite a few points because we have been too late to type the code in. Searchnig is well worth doing as the search results are good and will soon build up points if you do a lot of searches. A good tip is to search for everything rather than clicking on favourites or typing the URL in by hand. Even if you do not search very much normally, have the search page open and just search for anything whilst watching TV or whatever else you may be doing. Do be aware that you will have to right click on any search results and select to open in a new page or tab if you want to keep the SwagBucks search page open. As an average, we can probably earn around 20 SB per day using the search engine but it is hard to say considering the random prizes you get. Check out the Paid Search guide here for more tips on earning cash by searching.

Next we have videos. To earn SB by watching videos you need to view a playlist which contains between 2 and 9 clips. You can earn 1 or 2 SBs for watching each playlist through. There are a large amount of categories to watch so there should be something of interest for everyone. Of course, you don't have to view the videos as you can navigate away to perform other tasks so you are not committed to paying full attention to it. One thing to be aware of here is that sometimes the videos seem to get stuck so you have t click on the next one in the playlist to continue, just make sure that the clip has been marked as watched so you can get rewarded. We have found it is fairly easy just to leave the videos playing and come back periodically to click on another playlist. Using this method we easily manage to earn about 10 SB a day. Of course you could earn more than that but this would require more attention and effort.

Another way to earn SB from videos is to download video viewing apps onto your smartphone or tablet. The following apps are currently available in the UK, LifeStylz TV, Sportly TV, IndyMusic TV,, SwagBucks TV and EntertaiNow TV which all work in a similar way. You need to play 15 videos to earn 2 SB and you can earn up to 8 SB per day with each of the first four apps above. If you leave the videos to play on their own this could take some time, the videos do vary in length with some being more or less than 1 minute but this gives you an idea of what you have to do. However, there is an option to click “Done” once the video has started which takes you to the next one whilst still counting towards your daily tally. This is a great way of getting through the videos more quickly. I generally put my phone on charge and leave the app playing which it does automatically and every now and then just skip the whole video by clicking the “done” button. One good thing is that you do not have to enter any verification codes to get your SB. SwagBucks TV works the same as these other apps but it does have lots of categories of videos to watch and the amount varies from only 5 in a row to get your 2 SB and you can earn 20 SB per day.

Playing games might be one of the more entertaining ways to earn SB but to be honest we usually have better or more important things to do. We still occasionally start playing, especially when we are close to the next payment and the last time we did so we earned about 10SB in 10 minutes. There are a few small browser based games to play and every now and then you will win some SB by playing. If you have nothing better to do then this can be ok.

Surveys, as I'm sure you are aware, are one of the best ways of earning extra cash. SwagBucks surveys certainly help to increase your points total but in the UK it is quite rare to receive invitations through email, maybe one a week or so. There is usually a list of surveys on the site as well, however, these have not been tested against your profile so you will be lucky to qualify for them.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning SB codes. These are special codes you can enter to earn extra SB and are published by the SB team on social media. If you download the toolbar you will get notifications of new Swag Codes and where to go to get them. They are usually worth about 3 SB per code but can be more so it is worth getting the toolbar. Also check out social media as small competitions to win extra SB are run all the time. Oh, and we almost forgot. You can get 1 SB for answering the daily poll. Not worth going out of your way to do but if you are on the site anyway you may as well vote.

To wrap up, without much effort at all you can earn between 150 - 200 SB per day, more if you shop, play games and manage to qualify for surveys. In short, it is quite easy to earn the 849 SwagBucks required for a £5 Amazon voucher within a week. Extrapolate that out and you could be earning £20 a month and £160 a year. Not bad at all when you consider the effort expended.

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