The FreeMoneyResource Glossary lists some common terms and acronyms found in the "Get paid to" world.

The FreeMoneyResource Glossary

Cashback - A site that pay you for shopping with their affiliated merchants. The merchants pay the Cashback site when a member of the Cashback site shops with them. A portion of this money is then given to the member of the Cashback site.

CPC - Cost Per Click used by affiliate networks and Ad Networks, for a merchant it describe how much it costs you for each click on a link and for an affiliate it is how much you will be paid when someone clicks on the link.

CPM - Cost Per 1000 Impressions. Used by affiliate networks to describe how much it will cost the merchant for every 1000 impressions or how much the affiliate will be paid for every 1000 impressions

GPT - Get Paid To, a generic term used to describe any program that pays you money to perform an action.

PPC - Pay Per Click, describes some of the search engines and ad networks that use CPC methods.

PTC - Paid to Click, get paid to click on ads and banners, usually used by PTR sites as another form of advertising.

PTP - Paid to Promote

PTR, PTRE, GPTR and GPTRE - Paid to Read, Paid to Read E-mails, Get Paid to Read and Get Paid to Read E-mails. All these terms describe programs that pay you to read e-mails and ads.

Paid to Shop - Same as Cashback