Green Jinn - Review Date: 24.07.2021

Cashback and Freebies - 10 / 10

We've been using the GreenJinn app for some time now and it has proven itself to be the best shopping app for discounts and freebies. It is simple to use, just download the app, sign up and you are good to go. They have plenty of discounts and freebies, you just select which ones you have used and then upload a picture of your shopping receipt. So far we have found the claim is processed pretty quickly and once you have £1.50 you claim the cash. The best deals are usually for Sainsburys and Tesco but they do offer some for other supermarkets as well. This is one of the few services that you would be crazy not use so we can only recommend you download the app as soon as you can.

  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payment: £1.50
  • Review Date: 24.07.2021
  • Paid: True
  • location: UK

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