Prolific Academic - Review Date: 04.12.2018

Get paid to take part in academic research - 10 / 10

First off Prolifiic Academic is a great survey site. What makes this slightly different from other survey panels is that the surveys are for academic research. This can make them a little more interesting than most of the surveys you get elsewhere. Another plus point is that they are usually paid very well for surveys. The amount varies depending on the length and complexity of the survey but it always seems to be a fair amount. One thing to be aware of is that when you accept a survey you may need to enter your ID code so make sure you copy it before you start. Likewise, at the end of some surveys you need to enter a completion code so make sure you copy that before you close the page. These are minor issues and I have only been caught out once by not copying a completion code. For a UK account the payout is a nice low £5 and they pay to your PayPal account pretty quickly. I love this panel and for the most part enjoy the process of completing the surveys. Highly recommended.

  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Minimum Payment: £5
  • Review Date: 04.12.2018
  • Paid: True
  • location: Worldwide

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