Grab Points - Review Date: 19.09.2016

Top Worldwide Reward Site - 8 / 10

We love the Grab Points app and earning cash from it is really easy. There are plenty of ways to earn points which can be redeemed for Amazon, PayPal and more. The easiest way is to just wait for promo codes alerts which are sent pretty much every day and you don’t even need the app running to get them. They aren’t worth much but it is basically money for nothing. Other ways to earn include surveys, videos, apps and offers. This brings us to our only real niggle with Grab Points, surveys. You often get notifications of surveys but very rarely qualify for them. We can count on one hand how many we have qualified for, if you do get them, then they can really boost your points balance though. You can redeem for as little as £2 which is nice and we can confirm they do pay. All in all, this is our favourite app for earning cash at the minute so we would definitely recommend that you download this one. By the way, there is a desktop version for this as well which is pretty much the same.

  • Payment Methods: Amazon, PayPal and more
  • Minimum Payment: £2 / $3
  • Review Date: 19.09.2016
  • Paid: True

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