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PointWorld - Review Date: 22.01.2018

Earn points for free stuff and rewards - 3 / 10

On the face of it, Pointworld is a great idea. It is an online marketplace where users can earn and spend points. Essentially, you can sell your own products and services or buy products and services from other people. This includes using your points to buy Amazon vouchers or other financial rewards. Some examples of selling that appear on the website are photos, recipes, apps, games and much more. Again, you can use your points to buy products and services from other users on the platform. As well as earning points from selling you can complete offers through Pointworld and actually buy points at 1000 for $1. Another way of profiting from this site is to sell your points by offering them to users for performing certain tasks such as advertising, signing up to newsletters, downloading apps and more. One big problem with this however, is the fact that you are not allowed to offer points for people to sign up to a site using your referral link. This is shame but there are still plenty of options here to earn some points through other means. At the time of this review results from using Pointworld have been disappointing. Points seem hard to earn and trying to offer points for signups or advertising has not yielded any results. We have no idea how large the user base is for this site but we are guessing it is very small. Maybe this site will improve if more people join but we are not currently in a position to be able to recommend it. Overall, we think it is a great idea which would be improved by letting people promote referral links and by increasing its membership.

  • Payment Methods: Points which can be used to buy gifts and Amazon vouchers
  • Minimum Payment: Varies
  • Review Date: 22.01.2018
  • Paid: False
  • location: Worldwide

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