Vivatic - Review Date: 04.01.2016

UK and US Surveys and Rewards - 6 / 10

Firstly, Vivatic is a verified paying site which is a good start. Unfortunately it doesn't get a great deal better than that. They rarely send surveys and we have averaged around £10 a year since joining which is not great. Minimum payout is £20 via PayPal which could take a while to reach. Despite these problems, Vivatic does have potential to earn if you are prepared to visit the site often. They have more surveys through Peanut Labs which are accessed through their site and there are also some offers to enable you to earn more. If you are prepared to work at it then you can earn more than we have, hence the score of 6/10. Overall, a verified paying site that does have some potential, worth a go just don't expect too much from it.

  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Minimum Payment: £20
  • Review Date: 04.01.2016
  • Paid: True

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