InstaGC - Review Date: 28.08.2016

Earn Points for Gift Cards - 4 / 10

InstaGC is a rewards site that allows you to earn points for performing a variety of tasks and surveys. This supposedly includes searching the web, watching videos and more. There is a problem however, you can only get credit for searching if one of your referrals has completed a task in the previous 5 days. Considering we used to get most of our points from searching, this severely limits your earning potential. Another problem is that there never seem to be any videos to watch which limits earnings even more. There are plenty of other options in terms of surveys and tasks but more often than not you do not get the surveys and the tasks are similar to those on many other sites. InstaGC does have a great low payout of £1 for Amazon Vouchers. There are also many more gift card options but they can take more points to redeem. Unfortunately, to earn points takes way too much effort and you seem to spend most of your time searching for suitable tasks. In its current form we cannot recommend InstaGC although we have been paid. If you feel you can commit time to InstaGC and get referrals then this may be worth it, it's just not for us

  • Payment Methods: Gift Cards including Amazon
  • Minimum Payment: £1
  • Review Date: 28.08.2016
  • Paid: True
  • location: Worldwide

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