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Roboform - Review Date: 22.10.2014

The best Form Filler around - 9 / 10

Roboform is the best form filler and password manager we have found, certainly superior to the ones built into Firefox and other browsers. We have used this since 2003 and have found it to be extremely reliable and indispensable when joining new programmes. Roboform allows you to store passwords which is very useful when you have joined as many sites as we have. It also has the facility to set up profiles that enable you to fill in lengthy signup forms. These are highly customisable and allow you to setup almost any type of information you may need. Roboform offer several different products and we currently have Roboform anywhere which stores passwords and profiles online. This means that you can access you information from any computer with Roboform installed and avoids the issue of having different information on different computers (which did used to happen in the office until we got this version). Overall this is an absolute must for anyone that joins lots of different sites, highly recommended.

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  • Review Date: 22.10.2014
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  • location: UK

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