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Quidco - Review Date: 01.09.2014

Excellent Cashback site - £10 free with this link - 10 / 10

Quidco is a major player in the cashback scene and to get right to the point, if you shop online, then you must join this site. If you don't know how these sites work then the simple explanation is that Quidco give you cashback for purchases you make online through their site. You have to click through from the Quidco site for this to work and you receive a percentage of your purchase back into your Quidco account. They can do this because merchants pay Quidco to refer people to their sites so every time someone buys something through Quidco, the merchants pays Quidco a portion of that money. Quidco then pass 100% of the money they earn onto you. They also offer several other ways of earning cash such as in-store cashback which allows you to register a credit and debit cards with Quidco and when you use them at selected stores you get cashback. Another good one is ClickSnap grocery where you can earn cashback when you buy selected products from supermarkets. You then have to upload your receipt to prove your purchase. So far we have not had any problems getting cashback as all our purchases have been tracked and paid (unlike TopCashback which have ) so you highly recommend this one.

  • Payment Methods: Amazon, PayPal, BACs
  • Minimum Payment: £0.01
  • Review Date: 01.09.2014
  • Paid: True
  • location: UK

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