SearchLotto - Review Date: 18.01.2012

Get Free Lotto Tickets for Searching the Web - 9 / 10 allows you to earn lottery tickets for searching the web. It works by giving you an entry into the either the normal lotto or Euro Millions lotto which you can select in your account. For the normal Lotto you will be in a 10 person syndicate and in a 20 person syndicate for the Euro Millions draw. In order to earn your entry into either Lottery draw you need to make 25 valid searches. This is quite easy to achieve and we are currently getting our allowance of two tickets a week without a problem. SearchLotto uses Yahoo for its search results so they are pretty good. We currently have this as our default homepage so the whole process is really easy. If your lotto ticket wins then you will be paid via PayPal or Bank Transfer. You will need to fill in your personal details such as address before you can be paid though. Do make sure you open links in a new window otherwise you will have to keep navigating to the SearchLotto homepage. Overall this is a great service and considering the strength of the search results there is really no excuse not to use this for all web searches. We highly recommend giving this a go.

  • Payment Methods: Lotto Tickets - Winnings paid by PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payment: None
  • Review Date: 18.01.2012
  • Paid: False
  • location: UK

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