Top Cashback - Review Date: 10.09.2015

UK Cashback - 7 / 10

We wondered whether someone would be brave enough to open a cashback site like this and now someone has. Top Cashback is the first site to offer 100% affiliate earnings to the customer. This means that whatever is paid to Top Cashback goes straight to the customer, Top Cashback do not take any administration fees from the money. You may wonder how they make money, well that is quite simple and is explained on their site, in short they earn from ads, bonus payments from retailers and probably from the interest on the money that they are paid that eventually goes to you, the customer. So far this all sounds great and you may be wondering why on earth you would join any other cashback site when this one clearly pays you more. Well, there is one very annoying aspect of Top Cashback which may just be its downfall (I’m probably being a bit dramatic here), namely they do not pay you until they have been paid themselves by the retailer. Actually, this is not that simple as Top Cashback themselves will be going through an affiliate network so essentially they will not pay you until their affiliate network has paid them and of course most affiliate networks only pay once a month. All this means that you could be waiting many weeks for you payments to be confirmed and available to claim. It would also be feasible to assume that Top Cashback also keep your money in their bank for a period of time to earn interest, this is speculation of course but it would make sense. The long period between earning and payment has traditionally been a warning sign for any “paid to” site on the web. The longer the period of time, the more chance something could go wrong, the site closing for example before your payment is made. Having said all of this we have been paid, which is a start. If you shop online regularly then this will probably not be such a problem as you will still be receiving regular payments. There are plenty of payment options including PayPal, Amazon, Clubcard points and many more. Another thing to mention is that if you redeem for Amazon vouchers you get an extra 5% bonus which is great. One major problem however is that we have been refused Cashback on several occasions, mainly with insurance companies. This is annoying and you have to wait an unacceptable amount of time when you issue a complaint about such things. Ultimately, Topcashback has its plus points. 100% cashback is good and most retail sites seem to be ok for payment. I would advise not using this site for insurance cashback speaking from personal experience but most other things seem ok. Our advice is to join Quidco first and only use Topcashback for sites that aren't on Quidco.

  • Payment Methods: BACS, Amazon Vouchers, PaylPal
  • Minimum Payment: £0.01 !!
  • Review Date: 10.09.2015
  • Paid: True

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