Reward TV - Review Date: 13.06.2017

Get Rewarded for watching TV - 6 / 10

Reward TV is an interesting concept. You gain points for taking surveys and quizzes on the TV that you may have recently watched. This involves answering multiple choice questions on the programme and the ads. You can earn points taking other surveys as well which helps. So what can you do with all these lovely points? Well, there are several options. Firstly there are prize draws where you can spend your points to try and win a prize. Another option are auctions. These allow you to try and win a prize by making a points bid. Usually the prizes go for lots of points so you will need to build up to try this. Finally there is the Shopping Spree. Around once a week there is a chance to redeem your points for a voucher. The difficulty here is that the vouchers are limited and you have to be quite lucky to get one. We have managed to secure a few in the past so we know this does work. Overall this is a nice idea. If you watch and pay attention to the TV you watch then this would be worth a go. The site could do with an upgrade as it is looking old but we do recommend giving it a try.

  • Payment Methods: Prize Draws, Vouchers and Auctions
  • Minimum Payment: -
  • Review Date: 13.06.2017
  • Paid: True

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