Ciao UK - Review Date: 01.11.2014

Get Paid to Write Reviews - 7 / 10

Ciao is an online community that reviews and rates goods and services for the benefit of other users. According to the help section of the website it says that the reviewer will receive a small cash payment when their review receives a helpful, very helpful or exceptional rating. The rates are currently 0.5p, 1p or 2p per rating. It also states that some reviews will not receive any cash renumeration regardless of the rating given. There are other ways of earning cash including double earnings for first reviews of a product and a premium fund of approxiamately £2400 pounds which is split between the most highly rated reviews. You can also earn for referring other members where you will receive 50 pence for each referral as long as they write at least one review. You will then receive a 50% commission on each of the new member's earnings for his/her first six months of membership. All in all, if you like writing and expressing your opinion then this may be a nice outlet for you and allow you to earn a small amount of cash on top.

  • Payment Methods: UK Bank Account Transfer
  • Minimum Payment: £5
  • Review Date: 01.11.2014
  • Paid: True

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