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No Minimum - Review Date: 10.03.2008

Good, low payout PTR - 6 / 10

First off, the name is slightly misleading. There is a minimum payout of $1. Despite this, no-minimum is reasonably good. You get a good amount of emails which means payment is not that hard to reach, although this will take a few months without referrals. They do have the obligatory Paid to Click section which could help to increase your earnings a little, as could the Paid to Join section. Overall this seems to be a slightly above average site with a very nice low pay out. If you like your PTRs then this is worth joining.

  • Payment Methods: PayPal, AlertPay, Libertyreserve
  • Minimum Payment: $1
  • Review Date: 10.03.2008
  • Paid: True
  • location: Worldwide

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