Get Me a Ticket - Review Date: 05.05.2011

UK Prize Draw Site - 7 / 10

Get Me a Ticket offers a variety of free to play prize draws of widely varying value. You simply choose the prize draw you wish to enter and answer a few questions. These questions are from other websites and merchants so you need to be careful what you fill in unless you want some unwanted emails. It is possible to enter prize draws without signing up for anything else but you are still required to answer the questions, you just need to select the option that tells them you are not interested in the offer. These questions are called “surveys” by Get Me a Ticket and that might be a useful way of looking at this site, answer a survey to get entered into a prize draw. The site itself looks nice enough and there are a handful of categories to choose your prize draws from including Cars, Household, Holidays, Vouchers, Gadgets and Lifestyle. We have been using this site on and off for a while and although we haven't won anything we do check it out occasionally to see if there is anything that might be worth winning. To get the most out of Get Me a Ticket we would suggest entering as many prize draws as possible once a week or so to maximise your chances. Overall this is a nice tidy site with some good prizes on offer. The surveys you have to answer are a little annoying but as the draws are free they have to try and get their money from somewhere. Your time will probably be better spent on the real money makers but we certainly recommend this for those that are into competitions and if you have some spare time on your hands.

  • Payment Methods: Prizes
  • Minimum Payment:
  • Review Date: 05.05.2011
  • Paid: False

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