Clix Galore - Review Date: 23.12.2006

Worldwide affiliate network - 8 / 10

A large Worldwide affiliate network that has a huge amount of merchants to choose from. What sets this apart from the others is the ease and cheapness of its system, integrating both publishers and merchants in one account. Obviously, registering as a publisher costs nothing and you have a large amount of merchants to choose from in many different categories. If want to promote your site as a merchant most networks cost hundreds if not thousands of £ / $, ClixGalore only requires a deposit of $75. There are problems with this however, the quality of the merchants is usually quite low. In other words, from a publishers point of view, it is hard to find merchants that are offering desirable products, although they do exist. From a merchants perspective, it is difficult to get a reasonable exposure from the publishers who may choose to promote your site / product. This is still a great network, especially for the smaller site, it may however, require a little bit of work to obtain the best results.

  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Minimum Payment: $50, £35
  • Review Date: 23.12.2006
  • Paid: True
  • location: Worldwide

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