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Pure Profile - Review Date: 19.12.2018

UK Paid Survey Panel - 8 / 10

Pure Profile is a little hit and miss and has gone through many changes over the years. It seems to have settled on a paid surveys panel with an extra element of matching your profiles to relevant content. We personally haven't engaged a great deal with the content side of this panel, being mainly interested in the paid surveys, but the site does suggest it can supply the user with tailored deals and offers from brands. The important thing with Pure Profile is that it does pay and appears to be quite stable. Payment is through bank transfer or a variety of gift cards and you can redeem at £20. We have been paid several times so far without any issues. Overall Pure Profile is worth joining, just don't expect to be inundated with survey opportunities.

  • Payment Methods: Bank Account, Vouchers
  • Minimum Payment: £20
  • Review Date: 19.12.2018
  • Paid: True
  • location: UK

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