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Cash Fiesta - Review Date: 12.12.2002

Nice looking, shame about the cash. - 4 / 10

Another very professional looking site that makes some bold claims on the amounts you could earn. Technically this is similar to most other paid to surf programmes, you download an ad bar that monitors web use whilst displaying banners. One good point about this bar worth mentioning is that it will work as long as you have an internet connection open, so you could be using another application and still be earning points. This brings me to the important bit, how much are the points worth. With this scheme you have a pay rate which is how much you will be paid per 1000 points. When you join the pay rate is a measly 1 cent per 1000 points, which equates (in our experience) to about 2-3 cents a day of normal to extensive computer use. Not very good at all. You can increase your payrate (up to $1.66 per 1000 points!!!) by signing up for offers, but as we are only concerned with that which is free we cannot comment any further on this. From a free point of view this is quite poor but as good paid to surf programmes are thin on the ground it might be worth a go.

  • Payment Methods: Cheque
  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Review Date: 12.12.2002
  • Paid: False
  • location: Worldwide

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