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Global Test Market - Review Date: 02.08.2017

Excellent Worldwide Paid Surveys site - 10 / 10

Global Test Market operates a points system whereby you earn points for participation in surveys which you can redeem for cash. Each Life Point is worth just under 1 pence and you need a minimum point value of 1000 in order to make a redemption. There is a large catalogue of redemption options including Amazon vouchers, nectar points, gifts and much more. As stated above, you need 1000 points to redeem which means that you may need to select several vouchers before you reach the limit. For example, amazon vouchers are available in the following values: £5 for 550 points, £10 for 1100 points and £25 for 2750 points. This means that you need to add at least two of them to your basket so that the points value is at least 3000 before you can redeem them. This is a really big earner for us at the moment and even if you do not qualify for a survey you get entries into their prize draws (not that we've won that yet). All in all, you must join this panel. There, you've been told.

  • Payment Methods: Large catalogue including PayPal, Amazon and Nectar
  • Minimum Payment: £5 (550 points) Amazon, M&S
  • Review Date: 02.08.2017
  • Paid: True
  • location: Worldwide

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