Free mobile SIM package

Get a Free mobile SIM package from FreedomPop

FreedomPopThe UKs First completey free mobile package


This is one of the best freebie offers we have ever seen and one we were skeptical about at first. However, after some research it became clear that this was the real deal, FreedomPop have been around for a while in the states and are now trying to get in on the UK market.

Basically, you can get a completely free mobile SIM package that offers 200 Text, 200 Minutes and 200 MBs of data. This is not a lot but is fantastic for light users and would also make a great backup paclage.

The first thing to do is signup for the free trial which is excellent in itself, the current offering is unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 2250 GB of data. You do have to supply card details but this is the same for almost all free trials. The trick is of course to downgrade your plan a few days before your trial ends, having said that, the pan only costs £6.99 so this is still great value. We have already downgraded one SIM and the process is really easy. All you have to do is click on the Account tab, select Plans, select your package then click to downgrade. They will of course try to offer you various paying options but they do not do this in an aggressive manner and will allow you to downgrade to their free package with no problems. 

Perhaps the only issues with FreedomPop are that it uses the 3 network (although this is getting better) and they have their own messaging app which you will need to download in order to receive message. We have not had a problem with this and the download is easy, it also works like the messaging app you are used to at least on Android anyway. 

FreedomPop also offer plenty of paid packages which are actually good value, so if you want something more than the free package they can offer that. Another option is the ability to earn data from completing offers. We haven't tried this yet but it could be an option for those that want to stay free but who need more data.

Overall we cannot recommend this highly enough, it has worked flawlessly for us and we certainly intend to keep going with FreedomPop. Sign up now here