TVSmiles - Review Date: 01.11.2017

Earn from Quizzes and more - 2 / 10

TVSmiles is an app that allows you to earn points (Smiles) for taking quizzes, downloading apps or signing up for offers. We mainly use the quizzes option which works by rewarding you a small amount of smiles for answering a series of questions on a variety of subjects. The format is usually three sets of two questions each, points being awarded after each two question set. These questions take various forms but are often multiple choice where you have to select the right answer. There are other types of question but the main point is that they are easy to answer and if you get it wrong you keep choosing until you get it right. In other words you can’t get it wrong but it may take a little extra time to get it right. The points can range from 1 upwards with the amount being clearly stated on each quiz. Payout is $10 for 22500 points which means that 22.5 points = $0.01 or 1 point 0.04 cents. On this basis we tend not to do any quizzes that are worth less than 25 points. Unfortunately most quizzes are less than this so it can take a long time to reach payout. It is probably worth looking into downloading apps to get extra points with TVSmiles. As with all apps like TVSmiles we advise using a cheap android phone especially for this sort of thing. You can then earn extra for downloading other apps without filling your main phone with rubbish. You can always uninstall any apps after you receive the points of course and we highly recommend you do this. Overall the money making potential is quite low but it might be worth a go.

  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Minimum Payment: $10 PayPal (22500 points)
  • Review Date: 01.11.2017
  • Paid: True

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